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Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Any proposed change to your residence including paint/siding colors, additions, landscaping, fences, sheds, play structures and similar changes require approval by the ACC.  All submission are now submitted through the Tidewater portal. ACC has 30 days to respond “approved” or “denied”.  On average this has taken less than a week to approve. 

Remember to submit if you will have a dumpster parked on the side walk for renovations.


Email is sent with confirmation of approval or denial to homeowner.


A homeowner may appeal the decision of the ACC initially back to the ACC and then if they are still not satisfied, they may appeal to the ACPOA Board.

To submit a request

1. Login to your Tidewater Portal

2. Click "Maintenance" on Left

3. Click "Create a New Request" on Left

4. Click "For your Home"

5. Choose item, fill out and submit

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